Our Project Idea:

We propose the production of a bio product (AMLOU) composed of local natural materials to encourage the workforce in the village of AGOUG NAYT CHLEH / PARADIS 2. The production and commercialization of AMLOU will not only provide employment opportunities for the local community but also contribute to the development of families in need. Furthermore, the final product is 100% natural with a distinct and unique taste, satisfying the preferences of customers seeking authenticity.

Issues Adressed:

  • Lack of local workforce
  • Unemployment
  • Untapped and overlooked natural resources such as native herbs, Argan, flax seeds, and sesame seeds
  • Absence of cooperatives to encourage and utilize village resources
  • Issues with women’s empowerment, as motivated women are often overlooked by their families.

Target Audience :

In Morocco, there is a substantial demand for natural products, with over 80% of Moroccans preferring items made from Argan oil (such as Amlou, Argan oil, and cosmetic products). The consumption of organic products has seen a 10% growth in the last 5 years, according to a study on consumer behavior towards local products. Additionally, foreigners, especially tourists, actively seek natural food products, making Moroccan AMLOU the most sought-after product in both the national and international markets.