The project idea

Safranino aims to establish a cooperative of saffron producers working collectively to improve the quality and sustainability of saffron production. Through knowledge-sharing and collaboration, the cooperative aims to enhance agricultural practices, with a particular emphasis on water and soil management, fertilization techniques, and disease and pest control. Additionally, Safranino advocates for environmentally-responsible production practices, including the adoption of organic farming techniques and energy-efficient production methods. These practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of saffron production and promote a more sustainable use of natural resources.


 Issues Adresses :

The Safranino project addresses the need for sustainable and ecological agriculture in saffron production. Recognizing the importance of promoting environmentally-friendly practices, the project aims to establish a saffron producers’ cooperative. This cooperative will foster collaboration among saffron producers, allowing them to share knowledge and skills to enhance agricultural practices. Key areas of focus include water management, soil management, fertilization, and pest control.


Target Audience:

The target audience for Safranino includes saffron producers seeking to improve their agricultural practices and transition to more sustainable methods. The project also aims to create awareness among consumers about the importance of supporting environmentally-friendly and economically viable saffron production.