Tigmmy Food


The project idea :

Tigmyfood is a social entrepreneurship project in the food and agri-food sector. It’s a service that enables customers to enjoy homemade Moroccan dishes at affordable prices, delivered right to their doorstep. By connecting home-based culinary entrepreneurs with customers, Tigmyfood not only supports these women but also promotes the rich culinary heritage of Morocco.

Issues Adressed:

Based on our field visit in the city of Agadir, we observed that many women, whether in the market or on the streets, sell food prepared in their homes. We identified an opportunity to enhance their working conditions and proposed our service to support them.



Target Audience :

Our target audience includes students living away from their families, busy professionals with limited time for cooking, and tourists seeking the experience of authentic homemade Moroccan cuisine. Tigmyfood aims to bridge the gap between culinary entrepreneurs and those who appreciate the convenience of homemade meal.