Our project idea :

Cosmetus is a groundbreaking social initiative dedicated to training women in difficult circumstances in the art of cosmetics production, particularly focusing on products derived from salt. The project envisions a future where these women can harness their skills to create high-quality cosmetics and achieve financial independence.

Issues adressed :

Cosmetus is an innovative social project designed to provide employment opportunities and autonomy for women facing challenges. By offering training in the production of cosmetics made from salt, the project aims to address:

– Employment Opportunities: Cosmetus focuses on creating employment opportunities for women in difficult circumstances. Through training in cosmetics production, the project seeks to empower these women to build skills and secure a sustainable livelihood.

– Autonomy for Women: Beyond employment, Cosmetus emphasizes fostering autonomy among women. By equipping them with the skills to produce cosmetics independently, the project empowers women to take control of their economic and personal well-being.

Target audience :

The target audience for Cosmetus includes women facing challenges who are seeking opportunities for employment and personal growth. The project aims to provide a supportive environment for these women to learn and develop skills in cosmetics production. By doing so, Cosmetus seeks to empower them to overcome challenges and achieve a sense of independence. 


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