Our Project idea : 

RECYCLA is an ambitious initiative set to revolutionize recycling processes. It goes beyond the conventional approach by addressing unemployment, pollution, cultural heritage, and innovation. The project will develop a new recycling process that not only minimizes waste but also integrates individuals into the workforce, preserves cultural identity, and encourages innovative thinking.

Issues adressed :

The RECYCLA project is born out of our research and on-site observations, positioning itself at the forefront of a new recycling initiative. While it directly tackles recycling issues, it also extends its impact across various domains, addressing:

  1. Unemployment: By integrating individuals of all genders into the traditional industry, RECYCLA aims to contribute to the fight against unemployment. The project envisions a workforce that is inclusive, providing opportunities for both men and women.

  2. Pollution: Beyond its primary recycling focus, RECYCLA is designed to combat pollution. The project introduces innovative recycling processes that reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, fostering a cleaner and healthier community.

  3. Cultural Heritage: RECYCLA seeks to unearth and showcase the rich heritage of Morocco. Through recycling initiatives, the project aims to discover creative ways to incorporate elements

Target audience : 

The target audience for RECYCLA includes individuals of all ages who are keen on contributing to the national economy through recycling efforts. It also focuses on educating the younger generation about the significance of waste management, empowering them to be responsible stewards of the environment. By bridging generational gaps, RECYCLA aims to create a united front in building a cleaner and more sustainable future.


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